Help Desk

Welcome to Virginia Spine and Sports Orthopaedics. We are dedicated to providing exception medical care, and a great patient experience.

I’d like to make an appointment

Call us at (703) 858-5454 to make an appointment. Please be prepared with your insurance card.

I’d like to renew a prescription

Please call the office during regular office hours to request prescription refills. We require 24-48-hours advance notice to have your prescription ready. This will allow the physician time to review your chart and make the best decision regarding your care. When calling for a prescription refill, please have your name, date of birth, daytime telephone number, the name of the medication/dosage and the name and phone number of your pharmacy.

Your pharmacist may fax your refill request to our office at (703) 858-4650. Please note that we can only fax prescriptions to local pharmacies.

We do not dispense prescriptions on weekends or after regular office hours.

Prescriptions for narcotics must be picked up and signed for during regular office hours.

We are an authorized user of the Virginia Drug Monitoring Program.  As an authorized user of the program, prescribers in our practice may request information from the program on all Schedule II-IV prescriptions previously dispensed to a patient in order to establish a treatment history of the patient to assist them in making future treatment and prescribing decisions.

I have a question about my bill

Please refer to our insurance and billing information.

I have a medical question/need to get in touch with my physician

Please call us at (703) 858-5454.