Joint Replacement

The goal of joint replacement surgery is to relieve pain in the joint caused by damage to the cartilage and bone.

An arthritic or damaged joint is replaced during a total joint arthroplasty with new materials (usually metal and plastic) that are designed to enable the joint to move more normally. This typically provides significant pain relief with the ultimate goal to restore the patient to the highest level of function possible. The physicians at Virginia Spine and Sports Orthopaedics explore all treatment options to provide pain-free mobility, and utilize joint replacement when previous nonsurgical efforts to relieve pain and disability are unsuccessful. They implement the latest technology and techniques available including minimally invasive approaches and stronger, more durable components to reduce pain, speed recovery, decrease hospital stay, and increase implant longevity.

Additionally, complex fractures and degenerative conditions are addressed utilizing state-of-the-art reconstructive techniques. In conjunction with our leading-edge surgical treatment, our patients receive the specialized care they deserve.

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